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Education Agent in Melbourne

Waves Consultancy is a migration agency that assists students who seek to study in Australia. We are based in Melbourne.

Australian Immigration Services Melbourne

Student Visa

The education consultants and migration agents at Waves Consultancy are happy to assist you in starting your academic journey. Whether you are coming to Australia for a higher education course, or for a vocational training, we offer a range of student visas that are aimed at meeting your needs as an international student.

Different types of student visas available

Overseas Educational Consultant

Our overseas educational consultants are knowledgeable about the different opportunities and prospects available in Australia. We assist all types of students in getting the appropriate student visa that they are eligible for. If you are seeking a temporary or permanent visa, get in touch with our immigration experts at Waves Consultancy.

Visas that empower international students towards their individual success

Student Visas Include:

  • Higher Education Course Visa
  • English Language Course Visa
  • Vocational Education Visa

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